MOLAB is an independent laboratory
Offering testing and consultancy services to industry. One off unusual and oddball tests are a specialty.
Do you have technical and/or process problems?
MOLAB may be able to help.

Ah Fooks Productsmussel sauce

Mussel sauce
Ah Fooks Mussel Sauce is NZs answer to traditional asian style fish or oyster sauces.
Like these it enhances flavours and is a great marinade and dipping sauce.
There will be more Ah Fooks speciality products to follow.

Testing & Services

testing servicesGeneral Testing and Analysis.
Microscopic examination of materials
Process and production trouble shooting. Specialities Food and Beverage, process water treatment. etc
Some Microbiological Testing is available.

For Sale

"Whats wrong with my drink;The General Chemistry of Acid Beverages" by R.H.Molony
Carbonation Test Bomb
Designed and manufactured by MOLAB
Test solutions, reagents and indicators are available. Some are stock items others are made up to order.
Some surplus second hand and refurbished equipment is available for sale.


MOLAB Ltd is a Food Technology Consultancy and an Analytical Laboratory owned and operated by R.H.(Bob) Molony since 1992.

MOLAB specialises in Beverage Industry work and one off or unusual testing and analytical work. Before the company he was employed by was taken over and closed down by a competitor Bob Molony had over 20 years as a Chief Chemist / Technologist in the Food and Beverage industry.

Phone (64) 27 4523984
Home Phone (64) 9 5217292
Fax (64) 9 5217292
Laboratory (64) 9 5706040
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